Me riding Jasper


Things were progressing nicely with Jasper in the smaller indoor arena so Debbie decided to try the outdoor arena. After lunging him and walking him around the various jumps and obstacles, she rode him. Here he is walking.

And here he is first time trotting outside. I am amazed at how sensible about everything he is being!

I’m a little behind with my posts, we’re on week 5 and I’m posting week 3! So here goes. It’s amazing to see the progression on video clips! In this clip, you can see Jasper’s walk is much less stiff and unsure after a week of Debbie working with him.

And here he is trotting! Yeah! And Debbie said it is smooth, too! And yes, that is his breath you see, it has been brr cold here in California! I love how he glances at me as he’s trotting by like ‘hey mom, look at ME!’ What a good boy!
Jasper looks pretty relaxed and happy with his trainer and new location

Jasper looking pretty relaxed and happy with his trainer and new location

Week 2 and here is Jasper being ridden by his trainer at the walk in the small indoor arena. This arena is great because it keeps Jasper focused. He looks a little stiff, but that’s to be expected. Things are progressing nicely!


I haven’t posted in a while so wanted everyone to know that things are progressing great with Jasper. There’s been a few things going on in the last few weeks so I was not able to work with Jasper as much as I like. But yesterday I got on him for the second time and things went really well! We even walked around a little in the round pen with Michelle holding the lead rope and trying to snap some pics. Yeah Jasper!


I should have probably just stayed in bed yesterday. I get to the ranch for my lesson and head for the port-a-potty for a quick bathroom break. Unzip my drawers and hear ‘ker-plunk’. Wha? Something fell out of my pocket.
I look down and there is MY PHONE. There WAS my phone to be precise because all that was left were a few bubbles as it quickly sank – I DROPPED MY CELL PHONE IN THE PORT-A-POTTY! GAH!
(Apologies for this if you are close to dinnertime)

No cell phone is worth that much!

To top it off Jasper was in a strange mood and would not listen to direction. He was pulling on the lunge line and dragging me all over with the ground driving. The complete opposite of our perfect day on Monday. Perhaps he was feeling my discombobulated state!

Ah well, here is a nice clip of Jasper from last week cantering nicely on the longe.