I should mention that we have just finished an intensive worm treatment.
I had a fecal test done and as I had suspected, his worm count was through the roof. I had a feeling that he had probably come down from Alberta with worms as he had not been checked and he had only been wormed in September with Ivermectin.

If you have a horse that has an unknown deworming history or is in poor condition possibly having a high load of intestinal parasites, they should first be dewormed with Fenbendazole or a Panacur power pak as this produces a slower parasite kill-off than a dewormer such as ivermectin. A fast kill-off may possibly irritate the GI tract and causes abdominal discomfort or colic.

Although I want to try to maintain an herbal wormer diet for him, I had to get rid of the worm infestation he already had.
He had large strongyles and small. I don’t imagine it was making him feel very good at all, although his coat looked fine and he certainly wasn’t losing weight! I’m so glad it’s over. He had a 5 day treatment with Panacur. We started him off with a 1/4 syringe for 4 days, then the full syringe. His first day of the full syringe, he was laying down for most of the day. But he was ok after that, thank goodness. I can’t imagine those chemicals feel very good either!