A couple of years ago I was asked to do video work at a rodeo for competitors. I turned it down.  I knew I would be uncomfortable filming with the things that are done no matter how good the money was. Today I was sent a link to a truly heinous video of abuses that go on at a rodeo. And this wasn’t any podunk backyard rodeo, either. This was the 2007 PRCA National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. A group called SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) captured this asstard person on film red-handed with an electronic device in his hand shocking the horses before they left the chute!

What is especially assminded SHOCKING  to me is that these devices are allowed to be used!

Their footage was picked up by a las vegas tv station, where the NFR was quoted:

“NFR claims, “harmless encouragement” to initiate “bucking” and a clean break.”

“NFR officials declined to comment on camera about what they say is a widely used practice. A spokesperson for the NFR told Eyewitness News, the mechanism is harmless, and used simply to encourage the animals out of the chute freely.”

“A small shock is permitted, but only when applied to the hips or shoulders. The neck and head are off limits.”

That is just messed up. I have never been tasered before, but I’m pretty sure I would not be moving out of anywhere ‘freely’ if I was. I would be flopping around in extreme pain crying for my mommy! 

Watch the video yourself and see if it looks ‘harmless’ to you.