mich.jpgI’m a transplanted Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, living in the San Francisco Bay area since 2001 when I married my California hubby. I’m a freelance web developer specializing in horse related businesses and part time seamstress. 

I’ve been riding since I was a kid. A horse crazy girl. Day camps then lessons at a local hunter/jumper barn.  But I never actually owned a horse. When I moved to the Bay Area I met a wonderful dressage trainer who decided to take me on even though I barely knew what a piaffe was. I began to learn the fine art of classical dressage, first on friesians, then on any horse Sue could find for me to ride over the next five years. I learned a lot. Mainly – that dressage is much harder than it looks!

In October 2006 that all changed when I purchased a draft cross yearling from Canada named Midnight Jasper. He was so frightened when he first arrived, I could barely get near him. Over time, Jasper came around and decided to trust me. This blog will document my journey into learning how to train Jasper, train myself, becoming a better horsewoman…and hopefully not going insane in the process!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Kacy Says:

    Hello there,
    just found you from the Jumping Percheron~
    Jasper is so beautiful! Wow, will enjoy reading more soon,

  2. Helen Says:

    Hello from England! I love your blog and website – I was researching ringworm and its manifestations when I chanced upon your commentary about the unspeakable subject of equine genital hygiene!

    I too have an extreme aversion to such practices and as yet have spared my own gelding the indignity – but I can’t escape it forever. Your pictures and commentary did make me laugh – especially the point at which the cat made its departure!

    Jasper is a handsome chap!

    I note with interest that you’re in the San Francisco area – my husband may possibly have to go with work out to SF for a few months this Summer – it may even be that we need to move there. It makes me nervous (Im a bit of a Little Englander!) but your photos and what I can see of the livery barns look reassuringly nice.

    If I could pick your brains about life as a horse-owner in your part of the world Id be most grateful. Are there any hidden secrets? (like the enormous spiders of Australia that nobody ever tells you about until you get there!)

    Im a doctor so will need a livery yard that can provide ‘full-board’ livery.

    Not to worry if you don’t manage to get back to me – I will do the research nearer the time if the move becomes a reality!

    Keep writing,

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