Happy New Year to all my blogging horsey buddies!!!

I’m looking forward to what this year has in store. Yes, the economy is tanking, but I still have a smile on my face (and I’ve stopped reading the newspaper!) My husband and I have been thinking about a change for awhile now. I love California but it is getting ridiculously expensive to live here. And since we both run our own businesses from home, with no kidlets, we can transplant fairly easily. So next week we are heading on a short trip to Aiken, South Carolina to check out real estate. If you haven’t heard of Aiken (no relation to Clay), it is MAJOR horse country. 
Some interesting things about Aiken:

  • It’s located between Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, SC
  • It is home to polo events, steeplechasing, fox hunting and every other discipline you can think of!
  • Hitchcock Woods is just outside of downtown, it is the largest urban forest in the United States. This nearly 2,100-acre longleaf pine forest has 65 miles of marked trails available to hikers, runners, equestrians, and carriage drivers. And has 130 jumps throughout the trails.

Owning a home with some acreage and a barn and pastures would be a dream come true. Looking out my window and seeing Jasper frolicking in a pasture would truly be wonderful. And he would of course have to have some friends…

If anyone knows lives in the area or has some insights, I would love to hear them!