October 2008

Wow, what a fun trip! I learned so much, and the wild mustangs and scenery were spectacular! Lynne Pomeranz was a terrific host and went out of her way to make sure I had a great experience! I recommend it to any horse lovers or photographers out there! Stay tuned for Lynne posting her 2009 schedule!

Friday – The Placitas Mustangs
(You can see all of my photos from that morning here)

Our first morning, we visited the Placitas mustangs, near Corrales, New Mexico. This band is very close to homes and volunteers leave hay for them twice a day. They are still pretty wild, but more used to humans than ones I saw on the range.




This Thursday I will be going to New Mexico for 4 days to observe and photograph wild mustangs. It’s a workshop set up by a photographer based in New Mexico named Lynne Pomeranz, who has recently published a book of her beautiful photographs of the Pryor Mountain horses (Cloud’s herd) in Wyoming. The purpose of the workshop is twofold: the opportunity to take photographs, but also to provide an educational opportunity to learn about the behavior and social dynamics of wild horses.

The herd we will be observing is called the Jicarilla. There are approximately 300 horses that roam on the 76,000 acres of the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory which is part of the Carson National Forest. The location is in the north west corner of New Mexico right on the Colorado border.

Mustangs have interested me for quite some time. With the recent announcements from the BLM about the overpopulation of them in holding facilities and possibly euthanizing them, I’m striving to learn more by seeing these horses out in the wild on their own turf.

No matter what your feelings are, I think the best method to become involved is to learn as much as one can about all sides of an issue and that is what I am hoping to achieve. I have never seen actual wild horses and I am looking forward to a rewarding experience!