Okay, I warned you! The vet came out today and:

The good news
The good news is that Jasper has a shiny clean who-who.

The bad news 
Jasper has ringworm. Slightly frustrated about this but guess these things can happen at a boarding stable. Ringworm is not actually a worm but a skin fungus. It may have originated from a horse that was recently rescued from a feedlot. She was quarantined when she arrived but ringworm can spread from something as simple as a curry comb, as Jasper is not even near this particular horse. I noticed 4 bumps along his back last week. They seemed to irritate him when I rubbed them. I thought they may just be bites but they seemed too big -about the size of a nickel. It turned out several other horses had the same mysterious bumps. The vet came today and confirmed it was most probably ringworm and gave me a topical that has to be applied twice a day for two weeks as well as the other horses that have been affected. By today, one of the bumps (blister) on Jasper had popped and had scabbed up and the hair was missing. 


This was near his wither on his back – yck!

All I could think about was Jasper’s beautiful coat and how hard I have worked to get it healthy and beautiful and then this happens- wahh! The vet said it is difficult to get rid of as it is so easily spread. If anyone else has had this happen or is familiar with it,  maybe you can shed some light. Hopefully we have caught this early enough to get rid of it easily. Fingers crossed